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Keewatin Yatthé Region is part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority


After a rigorous evaluation process, which included an onsite survey June 2017 by external peer surveyors who assessed organizational leadership, governance, clinical programs and services against requirements for quality and safety, the Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority has been accredited
under Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum accreditation program.

An independent, not-for-profit organization, Accreditation Canada sets standards for quality and safety in health care and accredits health organizations in Canada and around the world.

Accreditation Canada requirements include national standards of excellence; required safety practices to reduce potential harm; and questionnaires to
assess the work environment, patient safety culture, governance functioning and client experience. All are factored into the accreditation decision.

“The organization is commended on its commitment to using accreditation to improve the quality and safety of the services it offers to its clients and its community,” states Accreditation Canada its accreditation report.

In addition to the accreditation decision, the report provides a guide for the organization as it continues to incorporate the principles of accreditation and
quality improvement into its programs, policies, and practices.

Accredited – with report and visits – the RHA will be required to do follow-up work to maintain accreditation status. Within predetermined timelines the KYRHA will submit evidence to Accreditation Canada that it meets specific criteria related to required organizational practices (ROPs) in community based mental health services and supports standards, customized managing medications, leadership, long-term care services and
medicine services.

Accreditation is an effective way for health services organizations to regularly and consistently examine and improve the quality of their services.

Health care organizations participating in Accreditation Canada’s accreditation programs evaluate their performance against national standards of excellence. These standards examine all aspects of health care, from patient safety and ethics, to staff training and partnering with the community. Healthcare staff learn how to improve what they are doing so they can provide the best possible care and service to their patients and clients.

Surveys take place once every three to four years. Following the survey, organizations receive one of four accreditation decisions: Not Accredited,
Accredited, Accredited with Commendation or Accredited with Exemplary Standing. Achieving accreditation shows an organization and its employees care about patient safety and providing quality service. It means the organization was assessed by its peers, met or exceeded national standards of excellence and continues to strive for high quality health care.